U.S adults attitudes were less green in 2010, according to a recent Harris Poll. Not only are fewer Americans “going green,” they are also less likely to participate in green activities throughout the daily routine.

When compared to 2009, fewer adults are turning off unneeded lights, practicing water conservation, purchasing energy-efficient appliances or installing low-flow showerheads and toilets. The list goes on, sadly, leaving one to question whether we’re witnessing the passing of a fad or if the economic downturn alone is to blame.

It’s hard to stomach the notion that the Green Movement might be but a short-lived fancy, so I’m opting to blame the economy. Not that this is a great excuse for the diminishing of the collective “green attitude” of our country. Do we need to be in boom times to take the environmental positions of political candidates into account when voting? I don’t think so. Yet only 28% did so in 2010, as opposed to 36% in 2009. Is it a general weariness from having too much green forced upon us? Is greenwashing taking its toll?

Take a look at the poll results when you get a free moment. Has your green attitude changed over the last year?

Harris Poll Results