Despite the apparent valley that our economy is heading towards some homebuilding companies are still doing business as usual.

This new line of modular homes by Blu Homes caught my eye the other day. Called the “Lofthouse,” this fusion of the traditional and modern in a “precision-built green home” can be tweaked in the ordering process to invoke the New England barn-style home or be dressed up in contemporary clothes, e.g. bigger windows, sans shutters (shown left).

The company claims their homes offer 50% energy savings over same-sized stick-built homes, in part thanks to the weather-controlled factory building conditions and also to the emphasis placed on environmental performance and healthy living.

With sturdier construction and a shorter construction time, it still baffles this writer that the modular home industry hasn’t seen greater gains. But then, who has in this climate?

Would you buy modular?

Blu Homes