Though we are a few long strides into our summer, it’s not too late to make some changes to the way you char your meat and maintain your meat char-er. Our friends at EcoNewsNetwork threw up this helpful blog reminding all those grill-happy folk to be mindful of what is going into — and onto — your grill and grill surfaces.

They recommend using G-FUEL Charcoal Lighter Fluid for lighting your charcoal grill and the G-CLEAN Grill & Surface Cleaner for scrubbing those nasty food bits from the grill surface. Both are products of Green Earth Technologies and both are non-toxic.

The lighter fluid is actually made solely from food grade oils, burns clean and doesn’t leave any odor or aftertaste. Likewise, the G-CLEAN surface cleaner is composed of American-grown base oils and is both organic and biodegradable.

I personally only use a gas grill (cheating, I know), so the lighter fluid isn’t of much interest to me. The surface cleaner, on the other hand, I will probably look to buy ASAP, as the grill is in dire need of a proper cleaning and I’ve always been loath to use anything other than the wire brush with the burners on high, paranoid as I am of toxic cleaning chemicals.

Both products are available at Home Depot. You can check out all of Green Earth Technologies’ on their website.

Credit: Eco News Network