The U.S. Green Building Council recently released a report of green building policies advanced by each of the 50 states. Always fun to see where your state stacks up against the rest.

Up here in Vermont, our State Legislature enacted a policy that requires state agencies to reduce overall consumption of energy and increase utilization of renewable energy (HB446). Another, HB 155, facilitates energy efficiency and green building financing opportunities of “property-assessed clean energy” (PACE).

All good stuff, really.

The USGBC highlighted a few bills put forth by forward-thinking states, like the bill passed in Colorado providing incentives to homeowners to improve energy efficiency in their existing home and also to purchase a “highly efficient new home.” Another bill in New York gave rise to a revolving loan fund that finances property owners to retrofit for energy efficiency and repay the loan with savings earned on utility bills. Very cool.

How does your state rate?

Credit: U.S. Green Building Council