All the fancy electronic locks and home security systems in the world are but expensive gadgets bringing a false sense of protection when the front door of your home can be easily kicked in by an intruder.

Such is the case, sadly, for many a home. Sure, you might have a solid-looking deadbolt lock, but that’s not where the door fails. On kick-ins, it’s the door frame and jamb that give way and fail, not the lock itself.

So the makers of the Gladiator Jamb Guard tell us. Of the home break-ins that occur in this country every 13 seconds, 80% are through a door. With the door’s vulnerability in mind, inventor Kevin McKay set out to create a door jamb insert that could install easily, integrate with existing locksets and beef up the door’s weakest component. His creation, the Gladiator Jamb Guard, supposedly withstands over 5000 lbs. of force. The average door jamb can take 100 lbs. before giving way.

The video on the Jamb Guard website shows an attempt at breaking a Jamb Guard-protected door down. Watch it and decide for yourself if the Jamb Guard is a worth-while investment. You’ll also get a better look at the Guard itself, which is essentially a 4 foot long piece of metal.

Currently the Gladiator Jamb Guard sells for $189, which includes installation. It is available in Maryland, Virginia and D.C., though it is expected to go national within 6 months.

Would you consider adding a Gladiator Jamb Guard to your exterior doors?

KMAC Innovations, Inc.