In prior years, we at made gift suggestions geared to men: “Real Men” with a cave man’s view of the universe. But the world she is a change’n and for the better. I am fine with giving my wife the keys to the shed. Here are some things she…err, you…may need to complete your DIY collection.

Storage and organization. From a full-out, complete garage or workshop system to a simple toolbox, knowing where to find your tools saves time, money replacing “lost” items and my favorite: the headache of a scavenger hunt for tools.

Tools. The favorite tool in our house is not so much a tool but a pressure washer with the right attachments. We use it to clean the outside walls of our house, the brick patio, the algae off our fence and even the cars. Just imagine the fun when you say to your spouse, ”Look, there’s a spider web the size of a parachute under the eaves of the house,” and you both race to pull out the giant squirt gun and blast it to infinity and beyond.

Things that make loud noises. And nothing makes a great buzz like the sound of my second favorite tool, the reciprocating saw. I have dismantled awnings and door frames, cut tree limbs and PVC pipe, and turned rusty screws that could not be turned. This is the Swiss Army knife of salvage sawing.

Did I say Swiss Army knife? They’re great, but I got one a long time ago for my birthday. A much handier tool for the workshop DIYer is the Leatherman Multi-Tool. With this, a hammer and some duct tape, I can fix just about anything I can wreck with my Milwaukee ®Sawzall.

More about multi-tools. The kitchen has tons of gadgets and gizmos but the one we always come back to is our KitchenAid mixer. We have not found a more functional, useful device in the kitchen except maybe the appliances.

Just plain fun. If you like to eat (and let’s face it, most of us do) This Old House has compiled a list of edible tool gifts. I am just so glad they did not go as far as an edible plunger.

Happy holidays!