Motion detection technology is like the perfect sidekick—sophisticated, entertaining, full of tricks, a hit at house parties—and existing only to make YOU look cool. Of course motion-activated exterior lighting has been around for some time, and how dare we forget the touch-free entry doors in supermarkets nationwide? But if you’re not familiar with the advances of motion detection technology WITHIN the home, you might do well to catch up (see Spectacle Receptacle). Take these low-voltage 600-watt Touchless Dimmers from ANIGMO, for example. Operating somewhat like a motion detection sensor, the touchless dimmers allow you to control the lighting in the room simply by passing your hand in front of a wall plate. (Unlike actual motion detection sensors, ANIGMO’s dimmers detect an object, not motion, and that object has to be within an inch of the wall plate and the size of a tennis ball, or hand.) Wave once and the lights go on. Hold your hand over the plate and the lights will dim. Wave again and the lights go off—an improvement over the Clapper, where two hands are needed. These screwless, switchless, and silent units can be covered by decorator wall plates, customized wall plates, or any ceramic, stone, or wood tile (pretty much anything but metal) up to ¾” thickness. No new wiring necessary—the unit fits into a standard wall box. With its color-coded wires correctly joined, the dimmer is ready to go. Units can be installed flush or slightly recessed, and homeowners can select ANIGMO decorator plates or their own custom versions. For all you practical types who are thinking this is a silly luxury, remember dimmers bring energy savings. And who knows, touchless switches and dimmers may one day be the norm. Think of the health implications—why it’s a triumph in germ eradication! Expect to pay $145 for the basic model, and another $30-75 for Decorator plates. Available now.