A small segment in the green movement is taking its efforts to go green to the next level by dumping refrigerators. The issue has created a bit of a division among environmentalists, pitting those who get rid of their fridges with those who see it as an extreme move. “The refrigerator was a smart advance for society,” said Gretchen Willis, in the New York Times article, “It’s silly not to have one considering what the alternative is: drinking up a gallon of milk in one day so it doesn’t spoil.” Others, such as Rachel Muston, estimate her fridge burned the equivalent of 105 gallons of gasoline a year and a newer model, which would have burned half that amount, would not have done enough. (She must not have heard about the latest model that runs on the energy equivalent of a 60-watt bulb). It’s an interesting read but count this writer in the “no way I’m getting ridge of the fridge” camp.

Credit: New York Times