There’s no doubt that contemporary design can seem flat and a bit sterile. Flat-front panels, appliances with no hardware, and soaring entry doors with stark pulls all beg for a little personality. The Sóko line of distinctive handles, knobs, pulls, and plates is aiming to change that. Born of a San Francisco designer’s artistic vision, these unique pulls are created using a wax casting method that creates original ceramic molds from wax. These molds are then used to cast bronze or stainless-steel figures. The result is a flowing, seamless piece of art that is durable, beautiful, and projects from the door for easy grasping. These handles are stunning and will outfit any door with character. As the company points out, with concealed appliances and an entire world located behind flat panels, there is definitely room for character and easy opening. They aren’t inexpensive, at $500 to $1,000 for large, custom handles, but hey—this is art!