This weekend, we (and I say that loosely—what I really mean is my husband) cleaned our garage to start parking our cars there again. Living in Massachusetts, it’s great to have a place to get the cars out of the snow and not spend time in the morning cleaning them off. In good weather, we don’t bother parking our cars in the garage. But this Sunday brought our first snowfall, so it was time to open it up again. Out came the inflatable baby pool our toddler uses in the warm weather as well as the camp chairs, coolers and everything else that finds its way into the garage during the summer and fall. Everything made its way into the basement to hibernate for the winter. The snow blower, shovels and ice scrapers resurfaced and assumed their winter positions near the front of the garage.

The garage isn’t quite finished, however, and there are still loose items that need to find a home. Feeding into my ongoing obsession to get completely organized, I found a couple articles on the Associate Content web site called “Ways to Declutter a Garage for the Winter” and “Get the Most Out of Your Garage Space” that include some useful tips on ways to declutter your garage. Check them out.