Do you have a fur issue? I do. With two Siberian cats and a golden retriever at home, we have a LOT of LONG fur flying around the house. Although our dog is really good about keeping off the furniture, the cats…as they would say on “Seinfeld”…not so much.

Recently I tried a new product called PetzOFF designed to keep pets off furniture. Because pets don’t like sitting on aluminum foil, PetzOFF created a throw that has a polyester film that looks and acts like foil on one side and a regular-looking blanket on the other.

Here’s how it works. The cats love my favorite chair in the living room, but once they have spent some time on it, it becomes covered in fur. Then I either have to clean the chair before I sit down or, more likely, sit down and get covered in fur. When I’m not using the chair, I put the throw on it, foil-side up. When I’m ready to sit in the chair, I remove the throw and toss it on the back of the couch with the fabric side out. My throw has a chocolate brown fabric side, which is quite nice.

The PetzOFF certainly deters the cats from sitting ON the throw; however, I have found my sneaky boy, Milo, crawled underneath it several times. So, if you do use the product be sure to tuck it into the furniture like you would a slipcover. Merely draping it over the chair just made a fun tent for him! Lesson learned. The furniture looks a little strange, too, when it’s covered with the foil-side up. Kind of like a baked potato hot out of the oven. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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