My husband and I have decided to sell our Boston condo — ourselves. I have to admit that I’m a total stress case about it, but my personality would have the same stress level if we were with an agent. Except maybe I wouldn’t be doubting our every move.

Here is why we decided to go FSBO (For Sale by Owner):

  • Most importantly, we’d be taking a financial loss if we paid the required 5% commission to Realtors. With the state of the economy, our place just hasn’t appreciated very much in 2.5 years — but we’ve already outgrown it.
  • We’re hoping most people looking for condos in Boston, search the Real Estate section on, where we bought an ad.
  • We sold our teeny-tiny apartment in Manhattan ourselves back in 2007 and received full asking price during the first open house. But then again, it was a different time and a different city!
  • We live in a very popular neighborhood in Boston and have a newly renovated place. Call us cocky, but we think it’s going to sell with or without a Realtor, and again, we just don’t want to lose money.

Our first open house is this Saturday. Our families think we’re nuts. What do you think? Have any advice? I’ll be sure to chronicle what we’ve done to get the house ready and how our FSBO goes. I’m terrified no one will show up.