Creative and adaptive reuse is cool, but this project is extraordinary—Judy Fuller, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, converted a 675,000 gallon, Art Deco-style concrete water tower into a stunning four-story home. The new home sits high on one of the city’s largest hills and is next to the local hospital. Fuller is known for converting local eyesores and abandoned architecture in the Waukesha area. She originally purchased the water tower and .25 acre lot from the Waukesha Water Authority for $1,000. After spending more than $200,000 to convert it, the home now features loads of windows, three bedrooms, four baths, an elevator, underground parking, soaring ceilings, and a contemporary decor. Before moving in, Fuller opened the house to viewers and donated ticket monies to a hospital program for women. To see a real undertaking, check out the “Before” pictures on the site—you won’t believe the transformation.

Judy Fuller of Pinnacle Building