If you’re looking for some quick home improvement thrills, kitchen appliances are an easy target. Every year the market sees faster ovens, cooler fridges, and baskets of cooking gadgets aimed directly at the kitchen of tomorrow—today. Example: The new Freedom Collection of modular refrigerators from Thermador. By breaking the traditional fridge into separate components, or “columns”, the collection offers some much needed flexibility in kitchen layout. Available in varying widths, from 18-36 inches, the units sport their own individual compressors/evaporators, thus making it possible to put the freezer here, the fridge over there, another smaller fridge way over there… you get the idea. Additional perks include a motorized glass shelf, interior hinges (so doors can open to 115 degrees) and customizable front panels for that high-end-install look. Priced from $2,700 to $6,700 and available this July.

P.S. Just found out a wine cooler column is slated for December ‘06.