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    When talking about the best interior design ideas for your home, or even your office, art is the ideal option.
    1-The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a home office is personal comfort. “Make it a space you enjoy.
    2-Customize the lighting and add functional and stylish lamps to create a luxe atmosphere.
    3-Decorate your office walls with the framed appreciation cards given in office for your good performances.
    4-Add visuals in your walls it will not only be eye catching, but also influence the rest of your space. Amongst the interior design ideas for this space, you need to understand the theme of your room

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    Electricity is one of the most essential and integral part of every house.We hear a lot about short circuit resulting in lots of damages to the lives as well as properties. Household electrical safety tips includes safety from all electrical equipments like refrigerator, washing machine, iron box, fan, TV etc.Here are few tips to ensure electrical safety for home.
    1- Always check for the safety checked sign on the product and ensure it.
    2- In the case of kids always make sure that kids are not reaching upto the electrical equipments.
    3- Cover the electrical equipments and always unplug the equipments after your use.
    4-Use MCB and EMCB to protect any sorts of explosion or accidents from electrical equipments.
    5-Ground Fault circuit Interrupters(GFCI) should be placed at houses.
    6- The first is to ensure the approval marks or the trademarks of the recognized companies.There are a lot of fake and unrecognized appliances in the market which are available for low cost and have many dangerous effects.
    7-Always repair or replace the damaged wires, cables and electrical cords.
    8-We must not ignore flickering or dim lights, breakers that constantly trip, fuses.
    9-Use components of electricity that helps in safe usage of the electrical appliances. Such electrical accessories which are of top quality are needed for the best working conditions and provide safety.

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