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      Pfftt…Stan Fettig is a novice! lol

      I’d have to post too many photos of all my battle wounds from my 30 year career, but here is a description of the fingers on my hands:

      Thumb: 2 1/2 scar from a drywall knife..

      Right Index: Severed from a table saw…

      Right Middle: Severed and reattached from table saw…

      Right Ring: Partially severed. Tendons damaged from table saw.

      Right Pinky: 2 inch scar from operation to remove a 2 inch splinter. (PS. My pinky is only about 2 1/2″ long)

      Left Thumb: 1 1/2 inch scar from miter saw…Missing tip from a utility knife

      Left Index: Scar from shooting a 16d nail through it…

      Left Middle: Burn scar from hot solder…Scars from utility knife

      Left Ring: Severed and reattached tip

      Left Pinky: OK


      The BIGGEST scar I have you can’t readily see….It’s the one on my heart when Betty Jo Bielofsky dumped me for Lance D’Angelo in 10th grade…


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