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      Karen Finck

      Same Victorian house. Thinking of doing the barn in
      wooden shingles vs. new clapboards. I wondered about
      the maintenance and the cost factor of the two.

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      carl anthony


      I am building a 3,500 square foot home on the beach/ocean in Long Island, NY. After completion

      the value of the home will be about 2 million

      dollars. I am not certain what type of material

      should be used. Some suggest wooded other suggest asphalt. I am concerned about devaluating the

      home with an inferior product. What do you suggest?


      C. Anthony

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      dennis patricio

      I have an exterior archway that I need to install wooden shingles under the curved arch. What type of shingles is best, do I need to soak the shingles in water to get them to bend? If you have any insight please forward a response.


      Dennis Patricio

Viewing 2 reply threads
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