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      Luis Montoya

      In a new house we are building, we have
      one of the rooms dedicated as a play room. My wife
      insists that it has to have floor wood good for ballet
      dance practice. The interior designer helping us suggests
      a uretane floating floor with some sort of foam
      under it. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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      Bruce M

      Hi Luis:
      The flooring of which you speak is most likely “Pergo” or high-pressure laminate flooring that ‘floats’ on a foam backing (that is, it is not nailed or screwed down). The flooring material is much like the laminate used on kitchen counters, except that it has a thin wood backing. This may be a good choice for a dance floor surface, as it will not splinter, expand/contract with weather changes (thus have open joints) or require finishing. However, it will not hold up well to hard heels, taps or other sharp ‘hits’ that real hardwood would tend to absorb. However, because it is not nailed down, this kind of floor is easy to replace in the future, if need be.

      Best wishes

      Bruce M

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      Dan B

      Take a look at Harris Tarkett longstrip, it is a real hardwood floor (not a plastic laminate)
      and it is installed with foam under it to help absorb noise and cushion the floor a bit.
      I’ve installed it in several dance studios with great success.
      Overall it’s a great floor, and installation system.


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      I am having an outdoor wedding ceremony and would like to build my own dance floor. Would you suggest the appropriate materials and any other construction tips that might be helpful. Thank you in advance for your time.

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      Alice A. Marsh

      I have a dance studio in the study of dance for cloggers, line dancers, partners ballrrom & western. I need to know the best flooring product to protect a new oak plank 3 1/2″ floor. The applicators need and where to buy the product. Also maitence of such. I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

      Thank you,

      Alice A. Marsh

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