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      I am installing a new Fantech bathroom exhaust fan in my attic which will vent two separate bathrooms. I am not sure how to wire it so that each bathroom switch can turn on the fan independently. I don’t think a three-way switch is the way to go. Any help will be appreciated.

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      A three way switch is the easiest way to do what you describe. The only drawback is that the switch may be ON in the up position one day and in the down position the next day.

      It can also be wired with a low voltage relay controlled by rocker switches in each bathroom. This method costs more, requires greater knowledge to install, and parts are harder to find. With this arrangement pressing the top of the swittch is always ON and the bottom is always OFF.

      There is at least one other method involving a solid state controller but the cost of an additional fan is a less expensive way to go.

      Someone else out there may have further suggestions.


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      Wire the same power line in parallel to one ordinary 2-way switch in each bathroom. the switched (output) side of each switch then runs to the exhaust fan.
      That way the fan will run when either one or both switches are on, and will be off only when both switches are off.
      If you used three way switches, someone in one bath could turn the fan off while someone was in the other bath.
      Good Luck!

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