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      Anita W.

      We have wooden grids (dividers) on our wooden windows and sliding doors that are secured in place by plastic pins, that look like regular push pins for a bulletin board. These plastic pins fit into a hole in the grid and when pushed, the metal pin part goes into the window/door frame and secures the grid in place. The problem is that I need to buy more of these pins and can’t find them. The metal pin part gets bent, or the whole pin falls out of the hole in the grid and is lost over time. They are really a pain to keep in place, but thats what we have. I can’t seem to find the window brand, but the house was built around 1990 if that helps.

      Or maybe someone has a better idea to replace this system of securing these grids in place, aside from nailing them permanently in place. I like being able to remove them for easier cleaning. Thanks.

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      Dave B

      Screws are removable and just a little more work than push pins if you have an electric screw driver.

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