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      My wife had been complaining about a bad smell in the laundry room. When I checked it out I noticed a smell like raw sewerage and thought it was coming from the drain pipe that the washer dumps into. I plugged to gap with a rag but the smell never went away. Last week her very expensive washer started not working. It was only 18 months old. After contacting Whirlpool and getting a run around, a repairman finally showed up yesterday. When he opened the machine he discovered the tub was filled with mold and very smelly water. He spent a considerable amout of time cleaning it out. His claim was that there was nothing wrong with the machine that would have caused this it had to be our water. Additionally I am told that the computer part that went bad is not covered under warranty and I will more than likely have to pay between $300 to $400 for the repair. I now have two concerns: 1) [paying $300/$400 dollars to fix it 18 months after paying $1000.00 to purchase it & 2) my bigger concern is the mold that grew in the tub… Anyone have any thoughts how to prevent this or even what may have caused it to grow like it did???

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      Contact Whirlpool…call the president every 15 minutes if you have to. PAY THEM NOTHING. Unless you ran your drain in such a careless way that the machine couldn’t drain properly. He said your water caused it??? Not unless your toilets flush directly into the machine. Perhaps the drain pump isn’t up to snuff. I’d go as far as to have the water tested independently if I had to, but they wouldn’t get a cent.

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      plumber Tom

      Should be trapped at the bottom before it enters the main house drain. Should also be above the flood level rim of the washing machine tub. The proper size of the standpipe=1 and 1/2″ I would call your plumber to inspect the trap and standpipe. If in fact raw sewage backed up into the washing machine, they may have a good reason not to honor the warranty. I’m sorry this happened to you, but it’s best to have a pro inspect the drainage.

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      Dan O.

      ** When he opened the machine he discovered the tub was filled with mold and very smelly water. **

      While that can happen, a common cause of smell and odors from washers is soap and fabric softener residue and/or lime and scale building up on the interior surfaces. Such a build up though can facilitate mold and mildew growth (see the following link) and frequently occurs due to using too much detergent or fabric softener (especially on newer, more water efficient washers), hard water and/or not doing enough hot washes.

      LINK > My washer has a funky odor

      Leaving the lid open between washes can help to allow any residual moisture in the machine to evaporate before mold and mildew can develop. You can find other preventive tips at the following links:

      LINK > How do I remove odors in the washer?

      LINK > Keeping Your Washer Tub Smelling Fresh

      Dan O.


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      I have the same problem with my machine, I ran 2 cups of CLR through the machine and it took care of the smell but now the machine will not complete a cycle, can someone help me, the repair man says it is the control board.

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