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      I have an old cedar chest that needs a lift in its smell. I have sanded the inside of the chest but it has not helped. I read someplace to use cedar oil to restore the smell. But, after searching paints stores, Home Depot, Builders Square, and Payless Cashways I have not found this product. Could someone please tell me where to order cedar oil and its price?

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      Henry in MI

      Hi, Jan. I have seen this years ago but don’t recall it in any of the finishing materials catalogs. Have you tried searching the web? Go to http://www.ask.com and ask your question. When the results page comes up, you can check the results at the top of the page but I usually get the best results by checking the responses from the 6 or so separate search engines toward the bottom of the page.

      Good luck.
      Henry in MI

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      The Firm “KMK” Russia realizes cedar oil in
      quantity from 50 up to 1000 kg per one month. Price from 18 up to 21 dollars for 1 kg (about 1,1 litres) depending on
      Parties(set). Container: plastic barrels till 50 kg. More detailed information you
      can receive having sent inquiry to the address skardash@inbox.ru or kardash@megalink.ru

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      what was your best suggestion?

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      where can i find information on the equipment needed to be used in processing cedar trees to make cedar oil

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      Vitali Ramonuik Vladimirovich

      This is a pristine natural oil processed and bottled through wooden presses in Ekaterineburg. Please email at the address before you place an order or efax at the phone number 095-535-5095 MOSCOW

      We also undertake Creme Oil of Ether from Crimea at the same address.

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      Tree of Life Essential Oil

      We produce cedar leaf oil and if you still need leaf oil, contact us at cedaroil@island.net

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