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      Hi Everyone,

      Do you think it might be a good idea if all users of this site now have to be registered in order to be able to ask questions?

      Lately there have been a lot of unwelcome questions being asked by unregistered users that the moderators have to keep deleting.

      Like for example “airline tickets” and “cheap flights” that have nothing to do with *** ****’s forum.

      By doing that it should stop a lot of these type of questions showing up.

      Regards to all
      From Noelene

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      I would prefer to put up with those occasional unwanted posts

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      I concur that non-registered entries should not be allowed for just the reason that Noelene states.

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      Are there any legal aspects to this? Suppose someone gave an answer to a question and based on their advice someone injured themself or caused damage to their home. If the user giving the advice was registered, would they be identifiable to the point that they could be held liable if some “agressive” attorney got involved. Stranger things have happened.

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      Hi again,
      Unregistered-Homewrecker makes a good point and I respect his opinion, after reading homewreckers post I found more diy and question and answers sites and all of them required you to register before you could enter there forum.

      *** ****’s site is a highly respected site and I don’t like to think some people can abuse that trust by placing unwelcome Posts and Threads. There are a lot of great unregistered people out there, that help out with really good answers and questions, I think they should be proud to be part of this site and register themselves.

      I’m very sorry if I have offended anyone, that wasn’t my intention. I was just concerned that some bad apples were abusing this sites trust.

      Kind regards to all

      your friend from Downunder.

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