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      Rick Huitema

      My friend recently bought a new house, and in one of the rooms, it simply has plywood over dirt. During this past spring thaw, the floor became wet with rising moisture. My solution…(cheapest)..was to pull up the plywood, and lay a poly vapour barrier d

      own….would anyone else recommend this as well?

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      John Kriedel

      I wouldn’t do that no matter how cheap. I would
      dig down an put gravel 10 inches. Then I might put
      plastic down. But do it right and pump in concrete
      through the basement window and dig a little deeper

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      A new house? complain to the builder, plywood floors don’t meet any building codes that i know of; call your city or county building inspector. Did you buy it knowing that it was plywood? was it disclosed to you before you bought it? if all else fails, dig some dirt out, put sev. inches of gravel and poor 5 inches of concrete, reinforced

Viewing 2 reply threads
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