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      Hello – We purchased a home about 18 months ago. There is an addition on the home. I was getting water into the crawl space of the addition through the vents. I installed 2 window wells and water no longer coming in through the vents.

      Water is coming up through the floor of the crawl space of the addition. There is less than 1/4 inch of water in a puddle size area. The water forms between the vents. The vents are on the same side of the house about 4 ft apart. We have drains for the gutters on the house which run out to the street. If I pump the water at night in the morning the it is back. There is an existing sump pump and drain around the original part of the house. Not the addition. No water is coming in through the walls.

      We have a high concentration of clay. I dig about 5-6 inches and I am hitting clay. The problem seems to occur or gets worse during the winter or colder months when the ground is frozen. Summer there did appear to be water even after 2-3 days of rain.

      What is the best solution to this problem? Should I consider a sump pump and a drain inside the addition or should I consider an outside drain redirectly it away from the house? Is a drain necessary or can I just install a sump pump? What about Drylock or some such product?

      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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      You could just live with seasonally high water table, if it doesn not do any damage, or you would need to install a curtain drain around the perimeter of the foundation, and drain water away with a sump or gravity drain. I dealt with a similar problem and just ignored it without any problem other than the efflorescence it left on the foundation and soil. If ventilation is adequate, the crawl space humidity is the same as the outdoor air. If its a problem, it can be drained, but it can be a challenge to install an interior or (preferably) exterior curtain drain.

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