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      The paint on my water fountain is peeling off. Looks like the base is a light gray and then black was was used to bring out the design. What kind of paint should I look for?

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      Moderator, Steve

      I have an old water fountain that has been in the family for a long time. It was looking very bad one day and I decided to lightly sand blast it with my home unit and then clean it then paint it. I did not know the correct paint for this project since it will go through alot of stuff, like heat, algea, bird droppings and all that.

      Anyway, I was told to use swimming pool paint. I was told that priming was not necessary since I blasted it. I put this on and within three months or so, the paint started just peeling off like a bad sunburn.

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      Frank Gonzalez

      Hi, My name is Frank Gonzalez and I am Restoring A Large 3 tier Large Water Fountain in front of my house.The fountain is made out of concrete and I would like to know what type of primer and paint I need to use?

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      I need to know if I should prime my concrete bird bath with vinegar before painting it

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