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      We have buried electric and water is leaking into the house through the conduit that brings the main electrical wires into the house. The wires come through block into the basement, directly into the circuit panel. So, as you may have figured it out, the water is dripping nicely through the breaker box before it deposits itself on the floor. This happened 2 years ago and we were told just to spray “canned” foam into the conduit sealing up around the wires. This is the first it has leaked since then.

      I am confused as to why this is happening. there is a buried box a few feet from the house where the connection is made for our service. this box has water in it and we were told be elec. co. it is meant to operate like that. the conduit pipe that brings power into house comes off the side of the box, angles up and then runs horizonal with ground at which point it enters house through the block.

      Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? We are being told it is our part to repair. Up to and including the box in the ground is the electric company’s part. We get the nice leaky part. From what it appears is happening is the box is filling with water to the point it “escapes” through the pipe with wires and running into and through the breaker box. I don’t know if it is because of out rock hard clay that allows no water through… Suggestions, comments or anything else worth of value would be greatly appreciated…

      I am sorry this is so lengthy. Wanted to get in anything that I thought would be of importance. Thanks so much! Dawn

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      I find it odd that the circuit panel is mounted directly over the entrance point of the conduit/cable. It should not be mounted that way, and there should be a drip loop in the cable before entering the panel. I’m not into elec, maybe an electrician will weigh in on this.

      As far as the water, do you have high groundwater in your area (basement damp or dry, sump pumps alot or never)? Does it only leak in when it rains?

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