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      I want to run a water supply line (hot & cold) to a washing machine thru a wall, one cabinet and thru the same space as a built in dish washer. Would I be better off using hard piping or appliance rated hose made to length? I will be tapping into the water line of the kitchen faucets. Any and all suggestions are apprecciated.

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      Use woven stainless steel shielded metal bellow flexible tubing available from Home Depot or Loews in lengths of choice from 1 ft to 15 ft. at about $5 to $15 per length. For more length, add more sections.

      DO NOT USE RUBBER BASED FLEXIBLE WATER HOSES EVER FOR ANY PURPOSE – DISHWASHER – CLOTHES WASHER – EVER. Flexible rubber based tubing and water connection have a lifetime that is perdictable at 8-10 years at which time, when you leave home for a 2 week vacation, the line will burst and water will leak until you return to find the basement three feet deep in water and the entire house saturated with liquid and all the household belongings ruined.

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      If this is going to be a permanent installation, I would not use washer hose connectors within and behind cabinets. If you are going to have to tap into the lines anyway, why not go ahead and run a proper copper line to your washer. You did not mention how you plan to install the drain stand pipe for the washing machine. Have you considered that issue, or is it already in place where you will have the appliance?

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