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      Lora Roger

      We are looking for a good clean method of removing wallpaper from drywall. We are not afraid of using elbow grease, so any good suggestions will be welcome.

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      Terry Alexander

      Lora, see the msg about 7 below this one.
      Take it from a couple that this is the 2nd
      house we have remodelled and in almost
      every room we had to remove wallpaper and
      either texture and paint or (usually) put in new
      wallpaper. Not until early this year did we
      discover the paper tiger. A palm sized tool
      that has several little “scoring” wheels on the
      bottom of it. You score up (or track up) the
      existing wallpaper, and then using a mister
      (we used a garden strayer) you spray on a
      wall paper remover product. Again, we found
      our best results was with Zinsser (SP). Let it
      sit a little while and the wallpaper and glue come
      off easy as pie!

      Hope this helps. If can be of further assistance
      am at terrya@gte.net.

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      Pattie Schey

      After scoring the paper beinbg careful not to score the walls…my mother used warm water and vinegar. Since I don’t like working with DIF or any other chemical agents this seems to work pretty good. You just have to be alittle patient and soak the paper well

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