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      does anyone know if your wall texture has to be the same throughout the whole house. I took down wallpaper and now I have bare drywall in kitchen and baths. The rest of the house is done in a heavy knock-down texture on the walls. To have someone come in and do it professionally to match the rest of the house is very expensive. Have heard of stuff you roll on or trowel on. Does anyone know if that stuff works? Also, does anyone have any experience with airless paint sprayer to paint inside of house?

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      Wall treatments can be anything you want – it’s your house – unless the landlord owns it – in which case you should have asked first.

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      Do whatever turns you on. A lot of texturing is done with plain old drywall mud. Much cheaper than texture paint. You can mix paint in if you want to thin it. Use as is and use different brushes, scrapers, etc, to texture. I once used a hand wisk broom and dipped it directly into the drywall mud and textured it right on the wall.

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      The easiest texturing is orange peel. You can do that with aerosol spray texture from a home center, but it will take a lot of cans to do much area.

      You could also rent a texture hopper gun and compressor to do more of a professional job on a larger area. It takes a bit of experience to use a hopper but it is not difficult to learn. Use compound mixed with water until it is soupy, and strain it to remove lumps. Mask everything!

      I read of roll-on texture but I think it would look like it was rolled on. I wouldn’t like that. I don’t recommend mixing compound and paint. That would be a gosh awful mess to work with.

      An airless sprayer works great in the hands of a pro, but there is a steep learning curve. Requires masking in spite of it all. They can also be dangerous; a friend of a friend lost a couple fingers when he accidentally sprayed his hand.

      Better to use a roller. Hard to beat that.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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