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      I just saw a commerical for the Wagner Paintmate. Does anyone know if this is as good as it looks? It says it is easy to use and cuts painting time in half. We have a lot of interior painting to do. If you have any other suggestions besides the Paintmate let me know. Thanks!

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      Henry in MI

      Hi, lucia. Our results with the power painter were not good. My daughter bought one and tried it once then immediately took it back. The power roller was somewhat better but not worth the cleaning effort unless you had a lot to do. The good old brush and roller were a lot better for most jobs and the big bucket with the built-in tray for getting off the excess paint from a roller was a big success. We got ours at HD.

      Henry in MI

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      DJ Young

      We ordered the product and had a big mix up in ordering and shipping…plus the whole deal is … well it is ok …you could do just fine without it..and you could probably get any of the products in a home builders store…may be good for ceiling painting.

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      Paul Telford

      I came across this website when looking for the address for Wagner to send them a scathing letter on their Paintmate.
      I bought one a couple of years ago. It worked pretty good but the neck where the tube attaches to the roller was weak and finally broke. Things get worse from there.
      1) This is not a part that you can order a replacement for.
      2) I bought a brand new Paintmate. Not a single part is interchangeable with the old one.
      3) As a crowning touch, they had redesigned the connection that retains the paint roller to be plastic fingers instead of the old screw-on type. After the fifth time that the roller became detached and spilled paint all over, I threw the entire tool out the back door.
      The Paintmate is worse than useless as they have redesigned it!
      Makes you wonder, what the hell they were thinking.

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      Jim Quance

      Where can I order parts for my paintmate? Throw away the red end cap that screws on the roller.

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      Unregistered-Happy Customer

      The PaintMate sure speeds up the process to paint inside your home. Since you have a supply of paint in the “paint stick”, it’s there with you and you’re not constantly dipping the roller in the pan, walking back and forth, etc.

      Easily your time painting will be less than half the conventional way. And I’m a gal.

      My friend told me about PaintMate – she was very pleased with it and painted the inside of her 2-story home with it. (Her husband doesn’t do “handy work.)

      So for a couple Handy Anns, we are very pleased with this product.

      I recommend this as a terrific buy. Helps you get your painting done very effectively, quickly, and then you can get back to the other things you would rather be doing sooner.

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