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      Joe Colameta

      I am thinking of installing vinyl siding on my home.
      I have several questions. The first question is should
      I put foam board insulation underneath ? I heard from
      one of the contractors that this my cause a moisture
      problem in my home. The second question, what grade
      should I put up .045 .050 ? Is one better than the other
      and is there a big difference ? Lastly, what manufacturer
      of vinyl siding makes the best product ? One contractor
      told me some manufacturers mix in recycled product with
      the pure product. I’m confused PLease Help !

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      I am a siding installer my client thinks he wants me to put on a plastic vapor shied on his home then put on a insulation backer board before installing vinyl siding. my backer board is a high density perferated product. will this cause a problem.

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      Richard Burda

      Will vinyl siding installed over wooden clap-boards impair access through the exterior walls in the event of a fire?

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