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      I live in a condominium complex that began in 1996 and has cedar siding. The HOA recently proposed removal of the cedar to replace it with vinal because it will cost too much to paint every 5 years. Do you think this is a wise move? And why? I personally think it makes no sense @ all.

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      Jim B.

      It would be much better to keep the cedar because although it may be cheaper now it will definatly end up costing more in the longrun. One reason is that in strong winds will rip the mounting flanges leaving places with no siding therefore costing money to repair and then the siding might not match due to fading from sunlight that has occured to the older siding.

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      Moderator, Steve

      vinyl is more cheaper and no up keep. I like the cedar look and it does need attending frequently and maintance. So, depends on which side you are on.

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