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      We have a standard type cast “marble” vanity top which has a slight surface abrasion in one area. I would like to know if there is some method of removing this by polishing or some other approach. The surface appearance of the top is a glossy white.

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      I found a new product at Home Depot (hanging on a display rack by the sinks). It’s called Hope’s Cultured Marble Polish. Not sure how it would work for you, but it claims to clean and remove superficial stains from marble. There’s no harsh abrasives in it, no wax or silicone. It does leave a very high gloss, (much nicer than paste wax) and seals/protects the marble. If it doesn’t remove the surface abrasion sufficiently, it would certainly be a good polish to shine up and protect the marble once you get it smoothed out.

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      Lewis Chilson

      Is this the same polish that is recommended for corian?

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      Ray W.

      Has anyone found out who carries Hope’s Countertop Polish? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any information would be appreciated.

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