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      Help! I have recently bought a old house that has hand hewn oak beams and joists and I have several rooms that need to have the floors leveled.THe unlevel floors are due to the beams beams & Joists being milled by hand and also settling of the house. The house was renovated & remodeled prior to my buying it, and the builder did not address the floors properly. One room is downstairs and 3 are upstair bedrooms. All have a plywood subfloor and are currently covered with carpet. Due to the weight of concrete self levelers,I have thought that shims and another layer of plywood would be better. How do I go about doing that to ensure it is leveled properly.

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      Jim B.

      I would reccomend either having the house jacked up and leveled (somewhat expensive)or learn to deal with the un-even floors the reason for this is that if you start adding to the existing floor you are going to have problems with doors moldings and getting it to line up with the rest of the floors in the house.

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