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      I have the full architectuals plans for a post and beam barn with a loft. I have an old uneven concrete slab to build it on. I plan on cutting into the concrete to make holes for the posts to be set into. I have no idea how I am going to get all the posts at the same height if the slab is not at the same level. I think I need to find the heightest point on the slab, measure up to the correct height, cut the post, then use a water level from that first post to get all the other posts at that same level. Any other ideas or comments are much appreciated.

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      or you can go the more expensive way and buy a lazer level. :o)

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      if the slab is uneven if you are going to cut into the slab to set the posts? Just make sure that the posts are all level after you set them in the holes and the un-eveness of the slab is a moot issue.

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