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      I’m having a 90%+ gas furnace installed. Like the idea of the efficiency of 90%, but also need it because of a venting problem with installation of 80% type.

      I can’t resolve the differences in the information provided by the two companies vying for my business. One recommends Carrier 93% AFUE 58MTA080F-1-16 2-stage, 80,000 BTU. The other will install Carrier but seems to be pushing Trane as a better brand, faxing me a short article published in Nov. 2002 Consumer Reports that says American Standard/Trane are more reliable than average. (However, the original survey by Consumer Reports from a couple of years ago doesn’t actually provide rankings and says that Trane and Carrier are fairly equivalent.)

      Question 1: Which is better in terms of quality and reliability, or are they basically equivalent?

      One installation quote is based on using wireflex ducting. The other on aluminumflex, and they say the wireflex is inferior. The company quoting using wireflex, says aluminumflex isn’t necessary because none of the ducting is “very close to the ground,” although they will use the more expense aluminumflex if I want (and they’ll charge me more.)

      Question 2: Is wireflex inferior? Are there types of installations where wireflex is warranted, and other types where aluminumflex is more appropriate?

      Two-stage vs. variable…. The variable option is more expensive.

      Question 3: Is variable worth the additional cost? How prone to breaking down are two-stage vs. variable?

      I appreciate all responses. I am really struggling on this one.

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      Trane and Carrier are equal ,although I prefer Carrier because i think they offer more technical support and the schematics are easier to read .Is this a new installation or a replacement ? I need more info. on the flex such as does it run from the main trunk to the rooms it serves ? does it run through an unconditioned space – unheated. why is flex being used and not rigid metal pipe such as 6 inch round pipe ? I would buy the 2 stage and not the variable . because of the price diff. can’t answer whether variable is more reliable but the 2 stage is reliable. As far as the flex goes if it’s wire flex thats vinyl coated i would use that.It sounds like someone is trying to drive the price of the job up and confuse you with a lot of info.

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