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      I have a small house (850 sq ft). I live in north Canada. My house seems to be too humid because I have problems with mold.
      I have installed a bathroom fan and bought a de-humidifer, but the house is still at 80% humidity.

      What can I do?

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      Unregistered-John Boy

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      Wow 80% humidity! Have you got ground water problems also? What is adding all this humidity to the air in your house? Do you live on the coast? You have got a de-humidifier already. Mold isn’t good.
      You could wash the walls down with a mixture of water & bleach to kill the mold. You might want to invest in a heat recovery ventilator. This unit will exhaust stale air from the house and pre-heat new incoming air from the outside int o the house. Just a idea.

      John Boy

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      Yes, 80% is very dangerous. My basement was at 75% and I even smelt the mold. I puchased a 50pint dehumidifier and now humidity levels are maintained at 40-50%
      Theres so much water in the air down there I empty the bucket every other day!
      I know I didn’t “kill” the mold behind the drywall or on the studs, but at least its dry down there.

      You need to purchase a stronger dehumnidifer! Get 100 Pints. My basement is 425 Sq Ft…

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