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      My dad purchased a cheap replacement toilet about a year ago and it hasn’t worked satisfactorily. I want to replace it but I would like to get recommendations for specific models. Style is of no significance. I am not looking for high tech or cutting edge innovaton. I just want one which consistently operates without owner intervention. I also want one which will use standard over the counter repair components, not proprietary. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      Unregistered-C. Rappy

      In all seriousness, my Toto toilet has served me faithfully for the 5 years I have owned it. In that time, I have only had to plunge it twice; & the clog was my fault because I was “pushing the envelope” just to see how much it would take before it clogged. It will swallow everything on the first flush (it is 1.6 gal!) I got just the basic version which ran me around $380, but I would do it all over again, it’s well worth the money. You may be able to do better on the price if you shop around more that I did. I’m sure others will tell you the same story.

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      I’ve installed literally hundreds and hundreds of toilets through the years.

      All brands. All price ranges.

      And there is absolutley NO difference in the way a toilet operates between models and price ranges.

      If your Dad’s toilet isn’t operating properly, it likely isn’t the toilet that is at fault.

      For that reason I normally only install the $40-$70 ‘cheapies’ from Lowes or Home Depot unless a customer insists on a luxury model so they can go gaga when they go doodoo.

      If you like throwing lots of your money down the ole crapper and letting the Japanese retrieve it, then buy a Toto.

      Otherwise, buy any low end toilet.

      Or for the REALLY discerning conisewer of toiletology, get a FERGUSON!:)

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      Toto toilets are ‘crap’ compared to these Japanese honeys.

      They will light the way at night, automatically warm the seat, wash and blow dry you, and close the seat once done so the Mrs. doesn’t get mad….

      They will even weigh you, check your blood pressure and measure your body fat too:

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      Ahh, but in order to prevent drunk driving, urinals in Santa Fe, New Mexico taverns will now have the last say.

      The deoderizing cake in the john will now be able to measure your blood alcohol content and in a sexy, sultry, female voice, tell you you’re over the limit:

      Just what we need, more drunks trying to coax the unrinal to come home with them at closing time…:)

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      Have this one in my house:

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      Just remember you get what you pay for in plumbing fixtures. Spend a couple hundred dollars on a quality toilet such as American Standard or Kohler and you will be happy.

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