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      I replace this toilet 4 years ago. For the past couple of weeks, a foul odor is smelt whenever the water is flushed. As far as I can see, there is no water leak. What’s going on??

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      Are you on a septic system? If you are, the odor could be from your septic system. To stop this you need to add septic enyzmes about every 30-60 days to keep the microbial activity cycling in your septic.

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      Betty Marino

      I have foul odor from bathroom,no leaks found ,cleaned & disenfected floor to ceiling ,drains all clear …can there be a foul odor comming from inside the wall,if there are any open spaces ,like around pipes & also this toilet drains into the wall,but toilet is bolted to floor..please help..landlord says he smells nothing & refuses to open wall or anything .syas thers no problem..believe me it is nasty…Betty

Viewing 2 reply threads
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