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      Hi, I have a toilet that’s 6 mo.old and on the filling of the tank it makes a noise just when it almost full.This problem just started and by the way we were away for three weeks and it just started a few days after we were home.It’s a Kohler and all plastic parts inside.
      Can anybody help me in solving this problem? Thank you

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      Plastic parts, is this a flotrol model? Not that it makes any difference, but its probably changing modes to shut off.

      I would open the tank and watch it to see what its doing. It may take an adjustment, some lubrication, or the system might be hitting the top of the lid.

      The adjustment might be needed to stop the fillup alittle short of water dumping over the overflow tube.

      Hard to say, so many things could be the culprit.

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      Giving Kohler a call 1-800-4-KOHLER (456-4537)
      I have found them to be extremely helpful, and may ship repair parts directly to you at no charge. (At least they did for me on a 3 year old toilet that was leaking into the bowl.
      Good Luck!

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      Cassie Studebaker

      when flushing and refilling the toilet is making a “wheezing” noise. Any suggestions as to what it may be. My guess is the “guts” may need to be replaced, but I want to avoid unnecessary repairs. Help, please.

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