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      R. Cordova


      Thank you for answering my cry for help!!

      I tried to send you this e-mail but something is wrong with your server.

      All I have is a miter box and a manual jigsaw. I am what you could call
      an amateur do-it yourselfer. From what I have found, I was planning to
      proceed with 45° cuts for both moldings (left & right) in outside and
      inside corners and hope for the best. I read somewhere that inside
      corners are done best by “coping” the right molding with the left one
      butted against the wall (no 45° cut). The only problem is that I do not
      know how to make that cut with a coping saw.

      I would appreciate it if you could lend me a hand with this.

      Thanking in advance,
      Rey Cordova

      P.S. Don’t go shy with details since I believe all of them will
      be needed!

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