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      david brookman

      I would like to install commercial vinyl tiles directly onto a cement floor. Tthe floor was been painted about 8 years ago with a so-called epoxy paint (1 part) and is patchy. I have been told that 1/4 ” of cement needs to be removed . There is about 1,500 sq feet and the prices quoted have been sky hi. Any suggestions are welcome and we don’t mind experimenting.

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      Dan B

      REMOVE A 1/4″ OF CEMENT!

      For Commercial vinyl tile the cement floor must be sound, clean and reasonable level.
      Sounds to me like your 8 year old paint need to be scraped down to the concrete floor, then if all else is well just go over it with a quality vinyl tile adhesive.

      The only way I can see grinding a 1/4″ of concrete is if the existing concrete (not paint) is very “lumpy”
      And if this is the case vinyl tile is not the product for you!
      Maybe ceramic tile or carpet….

      Hope this helps


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      vanessa parker

      how do i paint over ceramic tile in the bathroom,and make it the color i want.

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      i have a 10 by 15 floor on a cemeat floor what price are we taking about

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      I do not recommend painting tile as it will not hold up as well as the original tiles finish. Especially if you need to clean the area with abrasive cleaners. However if you are going to paint the tile and don’t mind getting into a regular schedule of maintenance. You can paint the tile.First rough up the tile with fine sandpaper or do it chemically. Products are available at the major home centers and may be called deglossers. Then wash the tile real well. You should use an epoxy primer as your first coat. You can find a good brand at most automotive parts supply houses or big box improvement centers. Then paint with the color and finish of your choice.

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