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      What is this product? I see lots of inquiries asking for instructions for use and where refills can be purchased, but I don’t find anything which indicates what it actually is. Also, since there are no pop-ups on this site for it, I assume that *** **** no longer is associated with the marketing of it.

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      the plumbers secret is a highly glorified version of a kinetic water ram http://www.drainbrain.com/pro/5waterram.html
      the problem with it is you need to buy air canisters for it while a professional version is self contained.

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      We’re remodeling, going from 2 to 4 baths. My plumber reduced 1″ service from street to 3/4″ coming into the house and reduced the 1″ fittings on my 75 gal HW heater to 3/4″ CPVC. Usage points are 5-50 feet, longest run of 1/2″ is 25 feet with 8 90’s. Assuming good pressure on supply, am I going to lose a lot of pressure from line losses?

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