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      Unregistered-Jeff C

      I have a table that has been dropped on the corner and broke out a chip about 3/4 imch long and 1/8 back into the table.
      Can I repair it somehow or router all the way around the table edege until it is gone, it has some kind of formica on the top.
      Have tried wax stick but don’t like the match

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      call the dealer or manufacture of the table and see if you an buy new edging . If so send them a sample of what you have and get it replaced. You can usually heat the old edging to get it to come off or use a solvent to remove it. To replace use contact cement or white glue taped well till it dries. Then of corse you will have tyo file the edging to get it smooth and even on top anbd bottom. The edging can be cut on a table saw if they wont send you just the proper size. Cut the laminate face side up so it doesnt chip as the blade cuts.. You can cut the short straight edge to match your starting point with tin snips.

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