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      I am contemplating on buying an in the ground swimming
      pool kit and installing it myself. Does anyone have
      any advise and/or experience on this subject. Also,
      where can I buy such a kit from a reputable company.
      Thanks in advance.

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      We were about to get a pool installed but are now considering putting it in ourselves. Just wondered if you ever got any advice or tips that you might could pass on. Sure looks like you can save a bundle. We want an L-shaped pool and have gotten estimates at around $17,000. I’ve seen the kits for around $5,000. Quite a difference. Let me know if you have any advice. Thanks! Cheryl

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      Al Talbott

      About four years ago, my family was over at some friends house and one of them broke out some information that they had received from a local pool company. I made the comment that it did not appear that a pool would be that big of a project. A mutual friend of ours started looking around and found a company in Jackson, MS (CPS Pools)that would install a pool to what ever level of completion that the customer wanted(Like a Jim Walter Home). Well four years have past and all three of us now have inground swimming pools in our backyards. We paid the company to deliver the kit, dig the hole, and put the pool crete in the bottom of the pool. We installed the forms, plumbing, electrical, poured the concrete footing, backfilled around the forms, and finished the concrete deck. The hole was dug on Thursday and I was putting water in the pool on Sunday. The backfilling and forming for the concrete deck took about three more weeks. I am very satified with the outcome. If you have any questions, you can email me at al_talbott@excite.com.

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      Marla Kreft

      We installed our own pool and it was fairly easy. We are getting ready to install on 2nd pool this year as we moved. I have been looking at Poolwarehouse.com and also Directswimmingpools.com. Both seemed to be very good and I believe we will get our kit from one of these two places.
      Good Luck

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