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      Donald Hernandez

      We were looking at a new kitchen but I think needs have dictated that the bathroom will have to be done first.
      We noticed that all the toilets on the show were those 2-button-push things and we wondered whether they worked better than the old-fashioned handle. Little detail things like that. Sure they may be saving on water but we don’t have a meter installed anyway. Not only that but the actual mechanism and also the internals – are they just as easy to fix as your regular toilet handle? Same price? Same in terms of reliability?
      Ceilings is another thing. My wife has commented on PVC ceilings as that’s what her mother has in their house, although I’m not 100% sure on the idea. I have a feeling that condensation would collect really badly on there. Our existing ceiling may be a problem – it was like a vinyl wallpaper on it but stains bad due to the condensation/heat. Not only that but the ceiling is shaped with an angled piece of timber in the corner. It’s not a flat ceiling in other words.
      My bathroom installation guy thinks that a fan extractor would be a must. Although we wouldn’t want anything rattling in the wind or super noisy in any way.
      A little pointer, suggestions, tips from people who have had this done can comment on what works and what doesn’t.

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      Do what your installation guy saying

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