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      Kelly Boggs

      Any suggestions on how to put a subflooring 6 inches above a concrete slab?

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      start by placing Pressure treated 2×6″ on edge
      16″ on center fill gap with 3in of ridged insulation
      and place 1/2″ plywood or OSB and screw
      off with 1 1/4″ drwall screws.

      Good Luck!

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      Lay out a grid work of 2×6’s that are 16″ on center. and use a vapor sheild if mosture is a problem on top of the 2×6’s. Then you can install you plywood subfloor on this grid work. Use screws instead of nails so it doesn’t squeek down the road

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      lorraine williams

      i have two different situations with my wood floors. the floor in the bathroom has a damage spot where the floor has a hold from the water around the tub leaking onto the floor. i need to know how to remove that spot. do i just put a piece of plywood over it or cut it out and replace it? secondly i am in the process of wanting to retile my livingroom area. i already have self adhesive floor tile down and don’t want to go through the trouble of taking each one up. will it be easier if i subfloor and then retile with leinolium or just retile directly over the existing tile? i want a look that i will be proud of once i’m finish.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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