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      j. rowe

      I recently purchased a turn of the century farmhouse and am now ripping up linoleum in both the
      dining room and kitchen. Under the linoleum is masonite, under the masonite is plywood, under the plywood is the “subfloor”. I have been told by two

      ontractors that there is no hardwood floor. I was told by an architect that houses that old did not have “subfloors” under hardwood floors. That the floors I have
      are the hardwood. Is this correct? Can I use these floors?

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      Kenneth J. Harris

      J. Rowe:
      From what I know, it sounds like the lowest level floor that you have was the original finish floor. Today a wood finish floor would be oak or other hardwood, but in your house it may or may not have been hardwood. It might be simply pi

      ne or fir boards rather than oak or other hardwood. It may or may not be worth refinishing. Personally, I would use it as the subfloor and put a new finish floor on top. Hope this helped.


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      Steve Kota

      I wish to install a Bruce’s antique wood floor. What should I use for a subfloor in my cement basement.?

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