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      doug seibert

      Cleanup from Hurricane Charley has cut my internet access……

      I Saw Greg’s BIG tree in his yard……

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      Sorry to hear the bad news. But don’t worry we are saving your place for you here at BVC.

      And yes, it is great to have the children back at school. Three of them gone now and one more next month. That only leaves the two babies for me. Yet, I still have this wonderful house to keep me busy!!! Did you see my post about parasites in my basement? I think I would rather deal with Charley….

      Hope you get back soon.

      Moderator – Construction Project Blog

      Some have better luck next time around,
      some don’t, and some don’t even try.

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      Nice to see you pop in here once in a while. There has been a lot of news of scam artists and price gouging in your area, as well as good news of volunteer and neighbors pitching in to get things done. I would have thought you should have power and phones restored by now. Florida without air conditioning in August does not sound appealing.

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      Yep, H-D here in Atlanta jumped prices on 2×4 and plywood 20% on Monday after Charlie, I complained to management and 2 days later prices were back to the regular HIGH prices prior to Charlie. As for the scammers, the same thing happened here after the big tornado in 1998. It is to bad that there are bad apples out there that take advantage of folks in trouble. Best of luck to all you folks in Charlie’s path.


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      Another branch fell on my house last night waking us up at 2 AM. When I say branch I mean a small tree. The base of this branch was about a foot in diameter. Luckily it just landed with a thud on the roof then rolled off and stuck about a foot into the ground. looked like I planted it there.
      Next time you come by Doug, Give me a little warning and I will have some cold beer waiting for you.

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